What We Offer

  • Educational Evaluations (Cognitive and achievement testing)
    • Cognitive (IQ) testing
    • Achievement (academic) testing
    • Highlights strengths and areas of difficulty
    • Identify and help to understand learning styles
    • Provide custom-tailored recommendations to help child achieve success
    • Work cooperatively with school personnel to meet your child's needs
and advocate for your child in school

    • Help increase your child's confidence and decrease problematic behaviors
  • Monthly “check-up” post evaluation
    • Consultants will meet on a monthly basis to follow up and adjust recommendations, as needed
  • Observations (school and home)
    • Observe child in school or at home to identify practical solutions for specific behaviors
  • Consultation with families
    • Meet with families in their homes to discuss concerning issues and identify strategies
  • Behavioral Assessments
    • Scientific method used to identify, track and replace specific behaviors
  • Social Skills Groups
      Groups with peers that target social skills including:
    • Self-Esteem
    • Sense of Achievement
    • Peer Negotiation
    • Friendship Skills
    • Cooperation
    • Frustration Tolerance

We specialize in educational evaluations, including cognitive and achievement assessments, and consultation with families. We test children in the comfort of their own homes, a convenience that decreases test anxiety and leads to more personal and accurate evaluations.

About Us
The Successful Child offers families a holistic and integrative experience in addressing behavior, social and academic obstacles. We also offer timely expertise in the administering of evaluations...
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Our Unique Approach
At The Successful Child, we specialize in educational services, including evaluations and behavior plans, for children and adolescents. We offer recommendations for overcoming obstacles within the academic and home environments.
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