General Information

At The Successful Child, we specialize in educational services and behavior plans for children and adolescents, ages 3 to 16. We highlight strengths and offer recommendations for overcoming obstacles within the academic environment. We are dedicated to helping young people and their families overcome academic and/or social difficulties to realize their full potential and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

The Successful Child helps parents better understand the challenges their children encounter at school and/or home. We offer a holistic and integrative approach. A comprehensive evaluation can help you:

Appreciate your child's many strengths and talents
Understand the nature of your child's difficulties
Learn parenting skills to address your child's individual needs
Determine if psychotherapy or other treatment is appropriate
Make informed school placement decisions
Work cooperatively with school personnel to meet your child's needs
Advocate for your child in school
Help increase your child's confidence and decrease problematic behaviors

We customize each educational evaluation to the individual needs of the child.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at or you may reach us by phone at (917) 494-0262.

About Us
The Successful Child offers families a holistic and integrative experience in addressing behavior, social and academic obstacles. We also offer timely expertise in the administering of evaluations...
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What we offer
Educational Evaluations (Cognitive and achievement testing), Observations (school and home), Consultation with families targeting specific behaviors, Functional Behavioral Assessments...
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